Opportunities for employment

OccupationOccupation codes
Corporate sales managers0601
Advertising, marketing and public relations managers0124
Human resources professionals1121
Professional occupations in business management consulting1122
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations1123
Information systems analysts and consultants2171
Database analysts and data administrators133211
External Auditor2172
Software engineers and designers2173
Computer programmers and interactive media developers2174
Computer programmers and interactive media developers2174
Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants4163
Manufacturing managers0911
OccupationOccupation codes
Specialist physicians3111
Customer and information services supervisors6314
Elementary school and kindergarten teachers4032
University professors and lecturers4011
Secondary school teachers4031
Civil engineers2131
Mechanical engineers2132
Electrical and electronics engineers2133
Engineering managers0211
Administrative officers1221
Human resources and recruitment officers1223
Administrative assistants1241
Accounting technicians and bookkeepers1311
Financial managers0111
Human resources managers0112
Financial auditors and accountants1111
Computer and information systems managers0213