Work and Travel

Work and Travel is an international student exchange program designed for students. This program gives you the opportunity to make friends with people from different nationalities. Work and Travel are carried out and maintained every year with official permission from the United States of America. Annually about 60 000 students from all over the world take part in this program. With this program, you can get an opportunity to work abroad for 3 months in the US and travel for 30 days, get to know American culture and other foreign cultures. During this time you will be able to work in amusement parks, supermarkets, fast foods, restaurants, shopping centers and many other places related to the service industry. At the same time, you will earn  $8-12 dollars for each hour of work. In the United States, working hours per week are at least 25-30 hours. If you would like to go to the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world: the Work and Travel program offered to you by our company USE Study Group will fulfill your wishes. Participating in the program, you will be provided with the job, housing, medical insurance, support for visa and purchasing tickets to the US in two ways. The Work and Travel program is able only for students enrolled in the Bachelor’s and Master’s education at the age of 18 and fluent in English.

Documents required for participation in the Work and Travel program:

• Passport
• National ID
• Proof of University
• Student ID

The price of the program is 2200 USD.  The initial registration fee is 400 USD and the rest is paid by the students upon the arrival of the job offer.

• SEVIS and a visa fee (SEVIS fee  35 USD, visa fee  160 USD)
• Domestic shipments to the USA
• Public transport (arrival / departure)
• Household rents or deposits
• Food or other expenses
• Not included in the price of the program.